Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour with Lunch

Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour with Lunch Overview

Looking for an adventure that will take you back in time? Join a Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour with Lunch! This full-day tour from Cairo takes you to some of the most magnificent ancient sites in Egypt alongside a knowledgeable guide. Starting early in the morning, your guide will take you to the Great Pyramids - Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinos. Marvel at the architecture and history of these legendary structures, and get up close and personal with the Sphinx, the great guardian with the body of a lion and the head of King Chephren. Take memorable photos of this iconic statue before heading to Sakkara, a 27-kilometer journey away from Cairo.

Embark on a captivating journey through time with our Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour with Lunch. Begin your exploration at Sakkara, where the Step Pyramid, a pivotal milestone in the evolution of pyramids, stands proudly for King Zoser. Unearth the secrets of this ancient marvel. Next, delve into the historical wonders of Memphis, the once-glorious capital of Egypt, and immerse yourself in its fascinating past. Conclude your adventure with a delectable lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the flavors of Egypt. Don't miss this chance to discover the world's most cherished landmarks and unlock the enigmatic mysteries of ancient Egypt on this exceptional tour.

Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour with Lunch Highlights

  • On your private full-day tour of the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, Memphis, and Sakkara, you will visit some of the most famous and impressive landmarks of ancient Egypt.
  • Your tour guide is a qualified Egyptologist, equipped with an extensive knowledge of Egypt's history and culture. You will gain insight into the ancient Egyptians' beliefs, socio-economic setup, and governance system, as well as acquire an understanding of the historical significance of each site visited.
  • The Great Pyramids - Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinos are beautifully preserved and have stood the test of time. With your guide, you can enter the Pyramids to appreciate their unique architecture, and also visit the Mummies room for an opportunity to observe ancient burial practices up-close.
  • Sakkara is located just 27 km from Cairo and houses the Step Pyramid, which was built for King Zoser. You will appreciate the evolution of Egyptian pyramids with a visit to this ancient structure.
  • The tour includes free hotel pickup and drop-off, providing the ultimate convenience for your tour experience. You will have a hassle-free experience without worrying about commuting or finding directions.
  • The private tour format allows you to explore the attractions at your own pace and has the added benefit of personalized attention from your guide. You can ask any questions you may have and delve deeper into your areas of interest. You will feel like you have experienced the sites, rather than just visited them.

Places You Will Visit on Your Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour

Pyramid of Khufu

The Pyramid of Khufu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the largest of the Giza Pyramids. It is an architectural and engineering masterpiece and has managed to withstand the test of time. Explore the many chambers and corridors built within this massive structure, and get a glimpse of the construction techniques used over 4,500 years ago. The Pyramid of Khufu is a must-see for anyone visiting Egypt.

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Pyramid of Khafre

The Pyramid of Khafre is more than just a pyramid - it is a fascinating piece of history that tells the story of the ancient Egyptians' beliefs, governance, and culture. The pyramid is still partially covered in its original casing stones, and its interior chambers are a wonder to behold. It is said that the pyramid served as both a tomb for the Pharaoh and a symbol of the ruler’s power.

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Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is a colossal statue that has captivated visitors for centuries. It is one of the most iconic landmarks of ancient Egypt and is located beside the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Sphinx has a rich history and many legends associated with it, adding to its enigma. With an Egyptologist guide by your side, learn the many details and meanings behind this historical masterpiece.

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Pyramid of Menkaure

The Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the three pyramids, but it is no less impressive. It is a testament to the style and perfection of ancient Egyptian architecture. The pyramid complex includes an elaborate mortuary temple, satellite pyramids, and many other structures, providing insight into the Pharaoh's life and the practices of the ancient Egyptians.

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Saqqara Pyramids

Located around 30 km south of Giza, Saqqara is another must-visit for any history buff. The Step Pyramid is an architecturally unique structure built during the Third Dynasty, which served as King Djoser's final resting place. Saqqara houses many other impressive tombs and monuments showcasing the architectural prowess of ancient Egyptians.

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Memphis is the site of the ancient capital of Egypt, founded around 2925 BC by King Narmer. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts monuments of immense historical significance. The open-air museum in Memphis includes the colossal statue of Ramses II, the Sphinx of Memphis, along with other temples and tombs of ancient Egyptian nobles. Stroll among the ruins and learn about the ancient capital's cultural, economic, and social significance.

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Know Before You Go

Essential Information
Tips to Visit Pyramids of Giza
Best Time to Visit

Duration - Duration 8 hours

Starting Point - Pickup and drop-off from your hotel


  • Expert tour guide (Egyptologist)
  • Pickup and drop-off
  • Transportation by private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottles of water
  • Lunch
  • Entry fees for Giza Pyramids
  • Entry fees for Memphis
  • Entry fees for Sakkara
  • Hire a licensed guide: Explore the pyramids' historical context by hiring a licensed guide, who can also help navigate the site and bring fresh insights to your visit.
  • Dress Comfortably: As the site is vast, ensuring you wear comfortable clothing and footwear will be beneficial. It will allow you to enjoy your trip without suffering from exhaustion or being unprepared to walk around.
  • Bring cash: Bring cash as some areas may require payment for access or services, especially the pyramids' base, which may have additional fees to enter.
  • Arrive Early: Arrive early to the site to avoid crowds and the intense heat of the day, making for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  • Purchase Tickets in Advance: Save yourself waiting time, and purchase your tickets online in advance to avoid long queues.
  • Try Camel Rides: Take a camel ride to experience the pyramids from a unique perspective while adding a touch of adventure to your visit.
  • Respect the Rules: The pyramids are sacred sites, and it is crucial to abide by guidelines like refraining from touching, climbing or littering.

To make the most out of your upcoming visit to the Pyramids of Giza, it's best to schedule your trip between November and February, when the weather is cooler and more comfortable than during the summer months, allowing you to explore the various sites in comfort. You'll also have clear skies, resulting in stunning views and photography opportunities. Be prepared for the crowds by arriving early and purchasing your tickets in advance, especially during the winter months, which are quite busy. Visiting during winter means you can sightsee comfortably, avoid the heat, and enjoy immersing yourself in Egypt's rich cultural heritage, all without the hassle of battling extreme temperatures.


What can I expect to see during the Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour?

During the Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most iconic landmarks of ancient Egypt with a qualified Egyptologist guide by your side. The tour includes visits to the Great Pyramids, including the opportunity to go inside and visit the Mummies room, the Sphinx, Memphis, and Sakara. You will marvel at the unique architecture of the pyramids and gain insight into their historical significance. You will discover the ancient Step Pyramid of Sakkara, which is crucial in the evolution of pyramids, and the ruins of the ancient capital of Memphis, which played a vital role in shaping Egypt's rich cultural heritage.

What is the best time to visit the Pyramids of Giza?

The best time to visit the Pyramids of Giza is between November and February, during the winter months, when the weather is relatively cooler and more comfortable than the searing summer months. During winter, the skies remain clear, providing visitors with spectacular views of the pyramids and allowing for exceptional photographic opportunities.

What should I wear during the Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour?

As you'll be walking around the pyramids and other landmarks, it's vital to wear comfortable footwear and clothing. We recommend wearing loose, light-colored clothing that will protect you from the sun and provide comfort during the tour.

Is photography permitted during the Pyramids of Giza Tour?

Yes, photography is permitted during the Pyramids of Giza Tour. You can capture stunning shots of the iconic landmarks, but note that additional fees may apply for entering certain areas, specifically for professional video or photography equipment.

How long does the Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour last?

The Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis Private Tour lasts for 8 hours, commencing with hotel pickup and drop-off. You can expect a more personalized experience as the tour is private, and you have a guide/driver for just your party.

What are the best tips to visit Pyramids of Giza?

When visiting the Pyramids of Giza, follow these essential tips to make the most of your experience:

  • Timing: Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds and scorching heat. The pyramids open at 8 AM.
  • Guide: Hire a knowledgeable local guide or join an organized tour to gain insights into the history and significance of the pyramids.
  • Sun protection: Bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water, as the desert sun can be intense.
  • Comfortable footwear: Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Photography: Capture the breathtaking views but also take time to savor the moment without a camera.
  • Respect: Show respect for the ancient site by not climbing on the pyramids or defacing them.
  • Camel rides: Bargain wisely if you wish to take a camel ride around the pyramids.
  • Nearby attractions: Consider visiting the Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum, located close to the pyramids.
  • Local vendors: Expect souvenir sellers; negotiate politely if interested in purchasing.
  • Security: Be cautious of your belongings and avoid isolated areas for safety.

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