Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride Overview

Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt with a Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride. Your adventure begins with pickup from your hotel in Cairo or Giza in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle. Once you arrive at the Pyramids of Giza, your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a comprehensive tour of the complex, pointing out significant features and providing insight into the fascinating History of these enchanting structures.

Experience the ultimate adventure on the Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride! First, kick-start the excitement with a 1-hour Quad Bike Safari, zipping through the vast desert terrain surrounding the iconic Pyramids. Then, savor the enchanting views of the pyramids on a leisurely Camel Ride, traversing the stunning desert landscape. This unique and exhilarating tour offers a blend of adrenaline-pumping action and serene moments with breathtaking sights. Your expert guide will ensure your safety throughout the journey, concluding with a seamless return to your hotel. Embrace the memories of this unforgettable experience, cherishing them for a lifetime.

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Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride Highlights

Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride Highlights
  • Explore the Mighty Pyramids: Get up close to the iconic Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, a magnificent architectural feat from ancient times.
  • Encounter the Enigmatic Sphinx: Stand in awe of the Sphinx, a legendary statue with a lion's body and a pharaoh's face, guarding the pyramids with its mysterious presence.
  • Journey through History at the Egyptian Museum: Immerse yourself in Egypt's past at the Egyptian Museum, housing an impressive collection of over 120,000 artifacts, from royal mummies to exquisite jewelry.
  • Discover Tutankhamun's Treasures: Witness the dazzling treasures discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun, providing a glimpse into the life of this young pharaoh and his lavish burial customs.
  • Insightful Guided Tour: Learn from an expert guide who will share captivating stories and historical insights, deepening your understanding of Egypt's rich cultural heritage and ancient civilizations.

Places You Will Visit on Your Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride

Pyramid of Khufu
Pyramid of Khufu

The Pyramid of Khufu is a lasting testament to the remarkable engineering and construction techniques used by the ancient Egyptians. It's one of the oldest and largest pyramids in the world, standing at an impressive height of 146 meters. Over 2 million stone blocks were used in its construction, each weighing an average of 2.5 tons. Inside the pyramid, visitors can explore the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber, and the Grand Gallery, offering a glimpse into the mysterious and awe-inspiring world of Pharaonic architecture.

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Pyramid of Khafre
Pyramid of Khafre

The Pyramid of Khafre is the second-largest pyramid in the Giza Pyramid Complex, next to his father Khufu's Pyramid. Built around 2520 BC, this pyramid stands at an impressive height of around 136 meters. Although it appears larger than the Great Pyramid, it's because it stands on higher ground. The pyramid is home to the burial chamber of King Khafre and features a stunning interlocking, polished stone cladding. The Pyramid of Khafre is a well-preserved, awe-inspiring example of the architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.

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Great Sphinx
Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most recognizable symbols of Egypt, etched into the sands of Giza for over 4,000 years. The Sphinx is a half-human, half-lion statue that was commissioned by King Khafre around 2500 BC. It's thought to represent the pharaoh's power and wisdom with its human head and lion's body. The Sphinx stands an impressive 20 meters tall, 73 meters long, and is surrounded by several temples and tombs. With its majestic form and mythical allure, it's impossible to visit the Pyramid Complex without admiring the Great Sphinx.

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Pyramid of Menkaure
Pyramid of Menkaure

The Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest in the Giza Pyramid Complex but still an impressive feat of ancient architecture. Built around 2510 BC, this pyramid rises to 65 meters, with its base covering 108 meters. The pyramid was completed by Menkaure's son, and it's said that his father's death during its construction led him to scale back on its size. Nonetheless, it's a remarkable piece of history, with internal chambers that include a burial chamber and entrance hall. An excursion to the Pyramid of Menkaure offers a unique glimpse into ancient Egyptian culture and technological capabilities.

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Know Before You Go

Essential Information
Tips to Visit
Best Time to Visit
Essential Information

Duration - Duration 5 hours

Starting Location - Pick-up and drop off at hotels in Cairo or Giza

Inclusions -

  • Pick-up and drop off at hotels in Cairo or Giza 
  • Transportation by air-conditioned private Vehicle 
  • One hour driving in Quad Bike around the Pyramids area
  • Qualified Egyptology tour guide (choose your own language) 
  • Bottle of water for each participant 
  • All services ,taxes , Fuel surcharge , Parking and Landing Fees Camel ride

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What can I expect to see during the Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride?

    During the Giza Pyramids Tour with Quad Bike Safari & Camel Ride, you can expect to discover the enchanting Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx guided by an Egyptologist. Additionally, you'll enjoy a 1-hour Quad Biking Adventure across the desert and a relaxing Camel Ride, offering panoramic views of the magnificent Pyramids. During your tour, you will learn about the rich history, mythology, and construction techniques that make them enduring symbols of ancient Egypt. The excursion is a personalized small-group half-day ATV and camel ride by the Great Pyramids of Giza, allowing you to mingle with other travelers and enjoy a highly intimate experience.

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